School Wide Expectations

Pine Ridge Prep has adopted a comprehensive, integrated, three-tiered (Ci3T) model of prevention (Lane, Oakes, & Menzies, 2010). This Ci3T model is designed to address our students' academic, behavioral, and social needs using a continuum of supports, including a proactive approach for addressing students' needs in all three areas. We have established systematic screening practices and a continuum of supports, ranging from universal, broad-based strategies to targeted and individualized interventions.

PINE RIDGE PREP Expectation Matrix

Pine Ridge Prep Expectations

Be Positive

Be Respectful

Be Proud

  • Safe touches
  • Wait your turn
  • Four on the floor
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Take care of all property & self
  • Use an appropriate Level 1 voice
  • Focus on yourself
  • Be prepared to learn
  • Stay on task
  • Do your best
  • Complete your work
  • Pick up after yourself
Meal Time
  • Take a healthy bite
  • Pick up after yourself
  • Walk
  • Safe touches
  • Use a talking voice level (2) or lower
  • Use manners
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Remember what you're here to do
  • Stay seated
  • Sit correctly
  • Play carefully
  • Stay within recess area
  • On short whistle-stop, look and listen
  • On long whistle-stop, Look and line up
  • Share equipment
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Take turns and play cooperatively
  • Wear appropriate clothing outside for the weather
  • Return all equipment and the walkie talkie
  • Stay in your seat, & face forward
  • Safe touches
  • Keep aisle clear
  • Use a talking level 1 voice
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Use appropriate language
  • Leave nothing that belongs to you behind
  • Be kind to others
  • Be ready & be on time
  • Wear shirts
  • Flush
  • Wash hands to the ABC song
  • One squirt of soap
  • Respect others privacy
  • Use a level 1 voice
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Remember what you are here to do
  • Put the paper in the trash
  • 1 towel - Is enough for you
Walkway In and Out
  • Use walking feet
  • Use bubbles and hands at sides
  • Level 1 voice
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Think about yourself
  • Walk at all times
  • Hands at your sides
  • Look ahead
  • Stay in line
  • Level 1 voice
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